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One to One Services (Please inquire whether we are providing these services due to COVID 19 restrictions)

'Sacred Space' Clearing

Every structure holds energetic signals of events that have taken place within its confines. 

Your space (home, office, automobile, etc) holds energy signatures of every word, thought, action and deed that has ever occurred within it.

Just as dust builds up on your furniture, walls & other structures, energy accumulates; and it can become stagnant, affecting your (and others) moods & behaviors.

Energy Clearing is an ages-old concept that helps remove misaligned or stagnant energies, leaving your space bright, clear & often feeling noticeably lighter.

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NOTE: This is an interactive session. You will learn how to clear your own sacred space so in the future, you can conduct your own space clearing, if you choose.


Be in the Moment with Ascending Light Wellness

Just Breathe

Pool Yoga Class

Labor & Delivery Coaching

I'll be there for both you and your spouse/partner, attending to your every need during your exciting and special time. I'll assist in making your special delivery time as gentle, stress-free, and joyful as possible. 

My services as your personal support person include light massage, energy work, moral support, medical explanations, and whatever else you feel you need during your labor and delivery. 


Allow us to coach you into learning how to deeply and completely heal yourself. 

Let us Love you until you learn to fully & completely Love yourself.

We will teach you the techniques that helped us create and maintain a balanced, loving personal practice.

Discover the tools, personal habits & thought patterns that will help improve your daily practice and ultimately, bring your Life into Complete Balance.

Golden Chakra

Quantum Healing Meditation

Novice Monks Lighting Candles

Balance Your Energy

Focus on the present moment. Presence is where Joy, Bliss & Inner Peace abide. 

Among its many benefits, this guided meditation helps improve numerous aspects of your life including expanding your Consciousness, Grounding your Energy & Balancing your Auric field. 

Those who have utilized this practice have described feeling more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to solve problems and recall information better.

This particular guided meditation helps build a strong Energetic Field (Aura) from which one can bring Inner Peace, Balance & Joy into your Life. 

The flow centers around spinning each Energy Center using color and guided imagery to build a strong, powerful & balanced Auric Field. 

This meditation is useful for all ~ it’s designed to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced.

You will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, while also remaining mindful in every act you perform.


Energy Empowerment Coaching

This popular group coaching session  is based on the belief that mental, physical & spiritual health are interrelated, and should all be conditioned together.

All of the sessions at Ascending Light attempt to coordinate breathing, physical movement & spiritual practice to improve focus and concentration, and to help participants find & become empowered by control of their own body-mind-spirit connection.