Coming out of the dark ...

Opening to Receive

The Summer of 2018 has been cathartic for so many Souls who are aware of the process of Ascension, as well as for those who are not. Shifts have occurred in everyone's lives, either on subtle or extremely dramatic levels. We are not only learning to connect to our Self, many of us are experiencing connection with Higher Realms. Just ask around and you'll realize that people are beginning to identify that things are way more 'supernatural' than they ever believed them to be before.  There are actually more people recognizing synchronicities than not, more people having bouts of prophetic dreams, lucid dreaming, mental telepathy, psychic awareness, increasing intuitive shifts, and other events and incidences that many of us cannot explain.  Humanity is currently on the precipice of the point of no return. We are moving forward whether or not we wish to or realize it. 

We are ALL Experiencing These Shifts

If you stop Joe Schmoe on the street and ask him if his Life has been changing in any way during the past 6 months, you will most likely get a resounding 'yes!' That's because there are so many things occurring on levels we don't see or fully comprehend in this dualistic existence.  Our individual awareness of realityhas always been controlled and manipulated by conditioned thinking, that which we are taught as youngsters. From birth, we are taught who we are, how to act, what to think and believe, what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what isn't, and so on. All these thoughts and beliefs are based on what our biological parents' experiences were in the world, what they were taught as young children and how they were raised.  Many of our parents broke away from their own parent's ways of thinking to find their own way, their own path. In doing so, though, they taught their children (us) their new way of thinking, which may or may not have been part of the collective consciousness and/or Light way of thinking. 

Simply Remain Open to Receiving

So, now, as we move ever more deeply into the Light and into the Ascension process of our Souls, we find ourselves out of sorts when we need to deal with the mundane, every day Life stuff here on the planet.  But we must remain grounded as it is important for us to do so in order to continue to connect with other Souls who may be experiencing symptoms that they don't understand or that scare them. We are all going forward and whether or not we reach the highest levels of understanding this time around is up to each individual. Just keep on keeping on! 

Peace, Love & Light to All ~Reiki Nurse 

We are connecting to our Self & to Divine Energy

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