Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Revealed

Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Energies

The Full Moon

Looking at the Full Moon has always produced in me a sense of deep stillness, inner knowing & an overall feeling of well being. Ever since I was a small child lying on my back on the front lawn on Mathews Avenue with my Aunt Diane watching the stars, I’ve been drawn to the Cosmos. The Full Moon, Luna, she’s the brightest reflective body in the entire Cosmos. I love Her and have had multiple experiences involving her over this incarnation (timeline). 

Those experiences stem from my previous incarnations as an herbalist/healer ~ they called us 'witches' back then. When they called us a witch, and pointed and shrieked hysterically, it became an extremely derogatory term that was used against us so that they could justify murdering us ~ by the millions. They hunted us down during the Inquisition & they burned us at the stake or drowned us or maimed & murdered us in some other inhuman, disgusting, amoral way ~ all in the name of God. But the real reason they came after us was in an attempt to shut us down, shut us up & terminate our knowledge once & for all. 

We Returned!

Lo & behold: We returned!

Millions of us! We are back to stay and to help break down the social & religious conditioning, the old ways of thinking & the old paradigms. We’re here to shatter the old Draconian ways, ‘rules’, ‘laws’ & all the other rhetoric and bullshit that simply is no longer working for humanity’s highest good. 

 We are women on a mission. A mission to Heal. Heal ourselves, heal Our Mother (Earth) & heal those who inhabit Her ~ we are here to eradicate the toxic, noxious poison of the patriarchal paradigms. The patriarchal 'church’ does not want us interfering with their methods of brainwashing the masses. ’They’ wish to keep the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine principles quashed, clandestine, hidden from the masses as they've kept the truth hidden for ages.

The Truth: Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine

They know that if Humanity discovers  the truth, that we are all aspects of the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine, the Yin & Yang, the Dark & Light, we will each know our True Self. In turn, we will each take our personal power back. 

Yes, we’ll become both empowered & knowledgeable. When individuals become empowered & knowledgeable, they realize that fighting against each other is futile, wasted and ignorant. They begin to realize that their individual power, when combined with others' personal power becomes a Force, an Entity to be reckoned with. In that way we have overcome the forces of Evil & darkness that have kept humans in bondage for eons.

We’ll know our Divine Self and we will know that we are not separate from God, but an intricate aspect of God. We will know that we are not separate from each other but intricate aspects of each other. 

We will then rise up & shed Light on the darkness and the truth will be revealed to all. We will know the truth that has kept us from being set free, the truth that ’they’ have kept the cloaked & shrouded in darkness for millennia in order to control, manipulate and own us. 

When that darkness is transmuted by the Light of our Collective Consciousness, we will all know true Freedom ...

Blessings, Love & Light, my Friends ~

Reiki Nurse 

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