Blessed Reiki!

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Consistent Reiki

When I wake up in the morning, Reiki is present. Reiki is present with me throughout my day. Reiki energy surrounds me whilst I sleep. Even if I forget to invoke my symbols, the energy of Reiki continues to nudge me gently throughout my day: “Wake up! I’m here! Call on me!” Reiki energy seems to whisper urgently. It’s been this way for a long time and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

During the first few years of awakening to my Authentic Self, I used self-Reiki consciously and regularly. I’d virtually forgotten about my Reiki empowerment or having been blessed with Reiki in the midst of my personal healing and growth Journey. Everything came before Reiki energy, even after I’d been attuned to my Level III Usui Master/Teacher. My Reiki Sensei gently informed me that everything would happen when it was ‘right’ and I didn’t need to push Reiki in my own Life or in anyone else’s. It simply is.

Reiki is an Extension of Me

Now, it’s as though Reiki is an extension of myself, like an arm or a leg. It literally comes with me where I go, wherever I am, whomever I interact with. No matter that others have no clue what I’m doing when I draw a symbol in the air arbitrarily. Most of the time, I do this with my imagination now, but years ago, I’d use my finger to draw a symbol in the air above my head or when I entered a room where the energy felt dense, sticky. It’s simpler now that I’ve been attuned to the sweet & powerful energy of Holy Fire II Karuna™ Reiki. Now I simply access and focus on the symbols I wish to invoke and the energy instantaneously flows working its powerful magic in any given situation or on any willing participant. So in this moment, being my Authentic Self is easier than ever as Reiki guides me on a daily basis.

Reiki Manifests my Authentic Life

Reiki energy is useful in manifesting my authentic Life with ease and grace. It is the innate fabric of my very Being, interwoven delicately, intricately within my energy field. Reiki continues to have huge impacts on how well I manifest anything into my Life situations. When I’m struggling to remain Present and focused, Reiki is here to gently nudge me back into Presence, back into Love and into the higher vibrational energy field. And I remain grateful and honored. I am blessed!

For me personally, Reiki is the Divine 'I Am' consciousness, the Light Force, the Power of Now. Reiki is perfect. Angelic. Purity. Divine Love.

Thank you Archangels, Angels, Divine Masters, Ascended Light Masters, Reiki Masters, Undines, Fairies, Elementals and All Sentient Beings & Light Beings.

Blessings, Love & Light, My Friends ~ Reiki Nurse (Kathi)

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Love is all there is ... and Reiki :)

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